Section 8 Housing

Our tenants include Section 8 from each County.

The Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Programs (formerly Section 8) provide rental assistance to low-income families in the private rental market. They work with families and property owners throughout the metro Atlanta area to provide choice-based, affordable housing.
Low Vacancy Rates: Because clients are always looking for good, affordable housing, a Housing Choice property owner rarely has a vacant property.
Good Clients: Section 8 conducts extensive background checks (including criminal and payment history) on all potential Housing Choice clients. property owners are able to create their own selection criteria, too. A participating property owner is not required to rent to a family who does not meet all eligibility requirements.
Well-Maintained Housing: -Section 8 conducts an initial property inspection and follow-up annual inspections. Along with the property owner’s period checks, these inspections insure that properties are maintained at the highest level.
Guaranteed Rent: Most Housing Choice families have a financial safety net if they experience a loss of income. In those instances, Section 8 normally increases its portion of the rent subsidy.
Direct Deposit: Housing Choice property owners receive their rental payments on time, every month.
Limited Paperwork: All contracts are standardized and prepared by each section 8 offices. Section 8 does the bulk of the paperwork.

Housing Choice Determining Rent

The housing authority determines the property rent amount based on the Reasonable Rent for the sub-market where the rental property is located in. The Reasonable Rent is determined by averaging the property rent rates of a minimum of three comparable properties in the same sub-market.

Tenants Please call us to see what homes are section 8 ready.
Home Owners if you want your home to be section 8 ready please provide-
ID,void check,insurance declarations page,last 2 mths mortgage statement and a clean safe home.

Please call the office for any questions-404-688-9294.Or you can call your local Section 8 office for any other questions.

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